Interactive Panoramas

During my time here I’ve created a total five interactive panoramas from various locations in the park. These images were made using a GigaPan – a device designed in collaboration between Carnegie-Mellon’s CREATE Lab and NASA for use in the Mars space mission. The GigaPan and its specialized software make it possible to display these large size panoramas (from 22 – 35 feet in length, if printed) on a standard computer monitor. While the software makes it possible to show the entire panorama at once, its greater power is in letting you travel within that that panorama and examine small details with great clarity.

While links to each of the individual panoramas appear through this blog, the overview map below includes numbered locations showing where each panorama was taken. And, the numbered list below that map provides a convenient way to view any or all of the panoramas. Simply click on the numbered location or the image to view the actual panorama.


1. Old Northeast Highway

2. Ben Reifel Visitor Center

3. Dillon Pass

4. Ancient Hunters Overlook

5. Sheep Mountain Table (365° Panorama)

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